Folding Carton

We create carton samples that reflect the functionality, color and feel of the final product. Our objective is a prototype, which can be reproduced on press, allowing you to objectively assess your layout in the design phase, saving time and money.

The technology used allows to duplicate conventional processes in printing / processing / finishing digitally. No tools, plates or dies are required. This means, you will have a physical model of your packaging ideas in your hands in no time.

Upon request, we can create prints on the specific material, which will later be used in final production, using a special process. Thus, you have the correct feel / white point / weight right from the start. If the final carton has not been selected yet, we of course offer a comprehensive range of materials to create the mockup.

We are able to create embossings digitally. Here, as in 3D printing, varnish is applied in several layers until the desired thickness is achieved. The results looks exactly like it was created with an embossing tool. This technique can also be used to produce e.g. braille. A sample, which cannot be distinguished from the original…

For particularly glossy effects, usually hot or cold foiling is used. We can also apply these type of foils on the mockup, without any special tools. You simply define the area to be foiled in your layout. We then apply various foils to it, with high resolution and edge sharpness. This opens up completely new perspectives and freedom in packaging design.

Using a matte or glossy UV varnish, the spot-varnish effects in the final printing can be simulated.

Who does not know this: Packaging that feels velvet to the touch or a rough surface that seems covered with sand. That is no problem either. We offer various laminates to create exactly effects like these

Have we aroused your interest?

Get in touch with us and put us to the test, which we can offer at preferred conditions! You will be amazed by the extraordinary effects that are possible and how accurately the final production process can be replicated.